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Podcast: Foodstrategy post Covid19

Second episode of the Blueprint Café series. A virtual coffee break for business leaders discussing a current commercial topic in an informal setting. During this episode we discussed with our guests the impact of Covid19 on strategies in the food business. Where is the main impact, what is to stay and how to Survive, Revive and Thrive. Listen to this Blueprint Café podcast.

This week’s guests:

  • Marcus Vallance – Managing Partner BrandMix Business Intelligence
  • Nina Schwidetzky – Founder & CEO Die Personalverstärker
  • Sarah Jones – Director at Red Apple Ventures / Angel Investor
  • Martien de Ruijter – Team and Account Manager and Specialist OOH
  • Ronnie MacDonald – Blueprint Chairman
  • Jeff Callander – Lecturer Southampton Business School and University and Blueprint Associate
  • Chetan Bhanot – Managing Partner Blueprint North America
  • Nigel McMahon – Director Blueprint Europe
  • Erik Aapkes – Managing Partner Blueprint Europe