No business relation without trust


No business relation without trust

“I am selling on my relationship”, is what many of you tell us. But a relation does not come automatically, nor does it grow with the amounts of coffee being consumed with your customer.


Trust is a crucial element in developing business relations.

During an early hour call to a restaurant in Amsterdam with my sales rep, he used one of his keys to open the door as it was still closed, dark and locked. He switched on the lights and the coffee machine and upon noticing the surprised look on my face, he said: “the owner gave me his key, so I can do my visit early and have coffee ready for when he arrives”. And he went on doing the inventory and placement of our products.

Five trust requirements

It intrigued me how a salesperson could develop so much trust, that a restaurant owner hands him or her the keys to his or her place. So during the day I questioned my rep how he achieved that. And I came to the following list of requirements to build trust in your business relation.



You need to have and demonstrate an authentic interest in your customers, a natural urge to learn more about their business and the opportunities to help them win in their market place. Do you have that growth mindset that makes others want to do business with you? And would you do business with yourself? Just take minute to reflect on that question!



Do you possess the knowledge and abilities to consult and challenge your customer, to identify and create mutual value? To help them with trade, trade up, trade again and efficiency? And are you competent in staying relevant for your clients and ahead of your and their competition? Review this 7Cs questions list to assess your knowledge.



The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Do you actually create mutual value for both your and your customer’s business? Does it always start with the question: “Is it good for me AND for my customer?” And what is the benefit, the reason to believe and the result for the customer? Can you make it tangible? Buyers truly dislike salespersons who only pursue their own objectives and never consider the impact on their customers business.



Marriage is a commitment in good and in bad times. Business “marriages” are not different. Nowadays many businesses suffer from Covid consequences and as a result, your sales to them may suffer. Despite that you should still be committed to them. Find new ways, ideas and advice to help them sustain their business during these crises and the ROR (Return on Relation) will be huge.



You are doing enormous efforts to win that new customer. But how consistent are your efforts, and is your dedication? How frequent your visits, your products and/or services once this prospect turned into a client? Mind you, the competition does not sleep. Be there for your customers and maintain your quality of service and dedication always and forever.

Trust comes on foot and goes on horseback. Obtaining trust is hard work but will eventually pay off in a strong and sustainable business relation.

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Did you find value in this post? Spread the word!

Did you find value in this post?

Spread the word!

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