Participant Principles: How to bring your best self to a virtual workshop


Participant Principles: How to bring your best self to a virtual workshop

Joining a Virtual Blueprint Workshop? Or any virtual workshop, for that matter!

Here are the 7 habits of highly effective session participants! We know that participating virtually can be a little more demanding. Don’t worry, we tap dance through the entire thing, but it’s that much better when you’re also dancing along: 



Dress Comfortably

If a shirt and tie is your jam, go for it. You’re also welcome to dress more casually if a golf shirt and sweats puts you in the right zone. Stick with what makes you feel most comfortable knowing that some of our breakout rooms get very lively!


Be Prepared

We recommend bringing a few things to the session including a pen, a Sharpie, some blank 8 1/2 x 11 (letter size) pieces of paper, as well as a notebook (or worksheets if we’ve sent those out in advance).


Stay Hydrated

Grab a glass of water, a cup of coffee or a vat of tea - whatever floats your boat!


Plan to Login Early

We want to keep this to the time allocated in your calendar, so if we could all be logged in to Zoom 10 minutes early, we’ll be ready to roll right on time!


Turn on your Camera

Video call-ins are a MUST. Don’t worry about the laundry hanging in the background or the cat lingering on the shelf behind you, we want to see those faces. The session is far more engaging and productive if we get to ‘see’ each other.


Ditch the Multitasking

We get it. There are emails to attend to, customer calls to return, and let’s be honest, laundry to change over...but it’s best if we can all commit to focusing during our time together. It’ll be a better experience for you and your colleagues.


Prepare to Share

We'll be dividing into smaller breakout groups a couple of times during the session. Be ready to do a quick report-out and share what your small group discussed. It’s bound to be brilliant.

As trainers and facilitators, we take responsibility for making sure the sessions are designed with interaction and engagement in mind. We make many tiny adjustments to improve your experience while in a virtual workshop with us. And that gets even better if you come to play. You’ll get more out of the time, the more you put in!

We can’t wait to ‘see’ you soon!

Did you find value in this post? Spread the word!

Did you find value in this post?

Spread the word!

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