It’s all a question of Credibility


It’s all a question of Credibility

It’s all a question of credibility – but what is credibility?

Definition: “The quality of being trusted and believed in”

[source: Oxford English Dictionary]

Credibility is the critical competency in the new 21st century global economy. Each of us needs to ask ourselves the following four questions:


  • Am I credible?
  • Am I believable?
  • Am I someone people trust?
  • Do I trust myself?

Credibility is made up of these 4 cores 

  • Integrity - the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
  • Intent - intention or purpose, determined to do (something).
  • Capability – the demonstrated power or ability to do something
  • Results - a thing that is caused or produced by something else, a consequence or outcome

Let us examine each of these in turn.



Integrity is critical and depends upon your ability to be honest, even when no-one is watching – and to act congruently – by this I mean to act and behave in line with your principles – say what you do and do what you say.


Integrity is critical and is built upon three pillars:

  • Congruency  is when everything you say and do is in line with your core beliefs - you don’t have to try to be something or someone because that is who you are - you don’t deviate or waver you ARE WHAT YOU ARE. “You are walking the talk - NOT just talking the talk!”
  • Humility - Is doing what is ‘right’ rather than ‘being right.’ It is embracing new ideas rather than feeling the need to defend the status quo and building the team rather than building one’s own reputation. It is recognising the contribution of others rather than having the need for your own contribution to be recognised. 
  • Courage - is about doing the right things even when no- one is watching It is about standing up for your core beliefs - if it’s not in line with your beliefs then you have the courage and conviction to say so, and if necessary, to get up and walk away rather than compromise those core beliefs 


Intent is about the reasons for your actions. To gain credibility people around you need to understand your intent. It needs to be crystal clear what are you trying to achieve long term and short term, what your objectives are, and how you work.

It needs to be clear that: 

  • You are not trying to deceive or protect anyone
  • You have no hidden agenda or motives
  • That you mean them no harm

This stops people trying to work out these things for themselves and occasionally getting them wrong. If intentions are unclear, humans tend to assign worse intentions to others than they themselves have.



This is about your experience, knowledge and skills in the required area. Have you ever experienced anything like this particular situation before?



Do you have or can you demonstrate a track record of success in this particular field or in similar situations.

Technical capability is situational, but trust is vital to individuals and business success.

Results are the tangible outcomes of performance and technical capability. These are the things that give you ‘clout’ and a voice at the table, sometimes even the place at the table in the first place. 

As your history of success/ results build, so does your credibility.

There is no place to hide - results matter.

But equally someone who gets results but does not live the company or their personal values should and will ultimately be shunned. 

You need both character and competence to engender trust.

If you would like to understand your credibility, and how to build yours follow this link.

Did you find value in this post? Spread the word!

Did you find value in this post?

Spread the word!

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